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At PICIC Insurance Limited, we believe in developing and strengthening the business acumen of our employees both individually and collectively. With the four values of integrity, excellence, professionalism and growth as the blood stream of our culture, we aim to mould each and every member of PICIC as the best individuals of the industry.
We seek individuals with smart personalities, high level of education, rich working experience, an innovative spirit and passion for the insurance industry. Every employee is considered as a member and every job as a building block at PICIC that together contribute towards achieving its vision.
We thereby offer positions and opportunities in all the various departments at PICIC throughout Pakistan, namely, underwriting, policy issue & administration, human resources, claims, accounting, audit, actuarial statistical, investment, legal, loss control, agency, marketing, reinsurance and other miscellaneous support departments.

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At PICIC Insurance Limited, we understand that the success of our company depends on our people. We are committed to career development and continuous learning in order to help our employees grow both professionally and personally.

We encourage individuals who are willing to commit their energy and creative talents towards the growth of PICIC. If you have the desire and commitment to develop your career into a successful future, please send your resume at

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